Richard "Ricky" Watts

Born, 1980 in San Francisco, California.

As a child, Ricky Watts loved to draw, often creating comic strips involving epic battles between nuclear dinosaurs and the U.S. Army. In junior high, he and his friends experimented with spray paint under bridges around town. Fascinated with the art of graffiti, by high school he was fully engaged, painting elaborate works under the cover of night. After graduation, he traveled up and down the west coast, painting large murals and establishing himself as a premier street artist in the scene.

Looking to expand, Watts enrolled at the Art Institute of California, San Diego campus with an emphasis in graphic design. After college, Ricky began painting on canvas in his spare time. In 2004, Watts' debut solo show "Spontaneous Combustion" received rave reviews and nearly sold out opening night. Since then, Watts' shown in galleries in San Francisco, Oakland, New York City, London, Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego and through out northern California. His art has been featured in numerous international print and web publications,  Juxtapoz.comHerman MillerX-Funs (Taiwan), Refused, Dig-In MagazineBay Area Graffiti (book),  Flo Multi-Zine and the 2012 Outside Lands Music Festival.

A member of the ZeroFriends collective, Ricky currently works out of his Petaluma, CA studio. He can be reached through the contact section.

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